CIHR Extends Deadlines Further Due to Continuing CCV issues

The CCV Secretariat continues to work with Shared Services Canada to resolve the Canadian Common CV (CCV) issue that all organizations subscribed to CCV are experiencing.

CIHR will extend the deadline for the submission of registrations/applications to January 25, 2016, for the following funding opportunities:

Please also note that:

  • The full application for the Project Scheme: 2016 1st Live Pilot will be available in ResearchNet the day after the registration has closed.
  • At this time, the application deadline for the Project Scheme: 2016 1st Live Pilot remains March 1, 2016. CIHR recognizes that applicants will have less time to complete their application in ResearchNet. However, this decision balances this risk with the current competition timelines and the need to give reviewers the required time to produce high-quality reviews.
  • Since applications to the Planning and Dissemination Grants competition do not require completion of a CCV, the deadline remains January 20, 2016.
  • The Institutes Advisory Boards recruitment campaign has been extended until February 10, 2016.

CIHR may further extend the competition deadlines should the disruption to CCV service continue beyond Friday, January 15/16. CIHR will continue to monitor the situation and updates will follow as they become available.

 photo credit: East Side Gallery via photopin (license)

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Kueneman, Karen
Staff, 2015 Fall
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