2024 Knowledge Mobilization & Research-Creation Grant

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Western’s Knowledge Mobilization & Research-Creation Grants are designed to support the dissemination and mobilization of knowledge in SSHRC-related research using innovative and creative knowledge mobilization and/or research creation activities. The intended outcomes are three-fold:

  1. To enhance the dissemination, exchange, and engagement of knowledge within and/or beyond academia;
  2. To enhance research creation activity at Western; and
  3. To broaden faculty researchers’ experience developing research creation and/or published and/or creative outputs to support competitive future grant applications.

Amount: up to $7,500 – to support a new research creation activity or the development of a knowledge mobilization activity that cannot be accomplished with funding currently available through other internal research funding opportunities.

DeadlinesRequired Steps
June 3, 2024 by 4 pmFaculty Research Office – if you wish to have a full review of your application allow 2-3 weeks; send drafts to your ADR
June 10, 2024ROLA submission
June 17, 2024, by 3 p.m.Application submission to the online submission portal
July 1, 2024Anticipated project start date

Eligible expenses:

  • Funds to support the hiring of a student (undergraduate and/or graduate) from a Western SSHRC-related faculty (Health Sciences, Education, Ivey, Law, Information & Media Studies, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Music). It is expected that students will be fully engaged in the creation and/or dissemination of KMb activities.
  • Funds to support KMb activities aimed at communicating and sharing research, expanding the researcher’s experience with KMb creative outputs and implementation science activities. Projects might include (but are not limited to): the development of printed materials, infographics, creative arts and productions, videos, social media campaigns, musical compositions, story boards, GIS mapping, policy briefs, podcasts, websites, journal articles, etc.
  • Funds to support research creation projects where the creation process is situated within the research activity and produces critically informed work in a variety of media forms. “Research exclusively about the creation process or about literary/artistic productions, or creative work involving minimal scholarly investigation, will not be considered to fall within the scope of research creation. A research creation proposal must address clear research questions, offer theoretical contextualization within the relevant fields of inquiry, present a well-considered methodological approach and creation process, and produce critically informed work in a variety of media formats. Both the research and any resulting creative work must meet peer standards of excellence and be suitable for publication, public performance and/or viewing.” Fields that may involve research creation may include but are not limited to: architecture, design, creative writing, literature and modern languages, visual arts, performing arts, cinema and film studies, art history, music, new artistic practices, etc.
  • Travel for research creation or related to mobilization of research is eligible.
  • Funds to support the completion of books or large creative projects. In the case of book projects, applicants must already have a contract with a recognized press and be close to submitting the final book. In the case of creative projects, applicants must present evidence of financial or institutional support for the overarching project and the project must be in its final stages. Funds can be used for proof-reading, licensing artwork for the cover, indexing, translation, and/or activities related to the completion of a creative project.
  • Funds to support open access fees for research publication in the form of a book, dataset, journal article, and/or creative output.

Eligibility: The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a full-time Western faculty member with a research-eligible appointment.
Projects eligible for funding align with one of the following types of projects:

  1. Knowledge mobilization (includes mobilization, dissemination, implementation science): The reciprocal and complementary flow and uptake of research knowledge between researchers, knowledge brokers and knowledge users in such a way that may benefit users and create positive impacts within Canada and/or internationally, and, ultimately, has the potential to enhance the profile, reach and impact of social sciences and humanities research. Activities include knowledge mobilization, dissemination, implementation science. 
  2. Research-creation: An approach to research that combines creative and academic research practices and supports the development of knowledge and innovation through artistic expression, scholarly investigation, and experimentation. It is an interactive relationship between exploring an phenomenon through creative means driven by research participants. 
  3. Both research-creation and knowledge mobilization

More information and applications…

Contact: All questions can be directed to intgrant@uwo.ca.
– Knowledge Mobilization & Research Impact Specialist.- for support developing mobilization / implemention science activities.
Sandrena Raymond, Grants Officer, for support in developing research-creation activities.

Please contact your ADR if you plan to apply.

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