ROLA – Problems with Safari

There have been various issues with budget information when entering and approving proposals in the Research On-Line Administration (ROLA) system. There are times when the budget is properly entered, but once saved it will read as $0. In some cases only the amounts have been deleted, while in some cases the whole budget table has been stripped out.

Research Western has not had the opportunity to test this completely, but are aware that this problem occurs frequently while using Safari. Other errors have also been encountered with Safari.

These problems do not seem to occur when using Windows rather than Mac; if a Mac is being used, Google Chrome seems to be the most reliable browser. Here is a link to install this browser:

If you use a Mac, please use Google Chrome to access the Research On-Line Administration (ROLA) system.

photo credit: Kinetica Art Fair via photopin (license)

About the Author

Kueneman, Karen
Staff, 2015 Fall
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