Improvements to SSHRC CCV

The following changes have been made to the Canadian Common CV (CCV) to make it easier for researchers to enter data:

  • A Most Significant Contributions section has been added, allowing users to insert their most significant contributions as they relate to their application.
  • A Contribution Percentage field was added for all subsections under Publications, allowing users to declare the percentage of work they contributed to a given publication. This field replaces the Contribution Role field.
  • Date formats were standardized and simplified, with a large number of date fields that used the Year/Month/Day format now modified to Year/Month or Year only (e.g., in the Presentations subsection).
  • Some Subdivisions fields were removed.
  • Some URL fields have been increased to 500 characters.
  • Two sections have been renamed to be more inclusive:
    • The Artistic Performances section has been relabeled Artistic Contributions.
    • The Short Fiction section has been relabeled Fiction.
  • A Poetry section has been added.
  • An Other Artistic Contributions section has been added, allowing users to list any artistic contributions that do not fit under existing subsections.
  • Some enhancements have been made to the CCV help text.

photo credit: N@ncyN@nce glass backsplash / granite counter via photopin (license)

About the Author

Kueneman, Karen
Staff, 2015 Fall
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