SSHRC’s Aid to Scholarly Journals

SSHRC has recently provided an update on its Aid to Scholarly Journals (ASJ) funding opportunity. The ASJ opportunity typically runs on a three-year cycle. Based on this cycle, a competition for funding was due for 2017. However, after consideration, SSHRC has taken the decision to extend current ASJ grants for one year. Therefore, current grants will be extended to February 26, 2019 and there will be no submission deadline in 2017.

SSHRC recognizes that this decision may impact scholarly journals that did not receive a grant in the 2014 competition. However, SSHRC would like to reflect on the numerous initiatives underway in the Canadian scholarly publishing environment. In addition, changes are also necessary in order to integrate the Tri-Agency Open Access policy on Publications. Therefore, SSHRC requires a period of deliberation and stakeholder consultation in order to make any necessary revisions to the funding opportunity.

SSHRC wishes to reassure the research community that they remain committed to supporting and contributing to the vitality of scholarly publishing in the social sciences and humanities in Canada and a competition for funding will be held in 2018.

For current grant holders, the amount of the 4th installment will be identical to the 3rd installment of the 2014 grant. Editors-in-chief and institutions will receive an updated Notice of Award reflecting the additional year of funding.

Should you have any queries regarding the ASJ funding opportunity, please contact SSHRC staff at:

photo credit: THE ZEN DIARY — David Gabriel Fischer via photopin (license)

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