CIHR – Deadlines & Question and Answer Webinars for Project Grant Spring 2018 Competition

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is holding a series of webinars to support applicants through the Project Grant: Spring 2018 application process. . These Question and Answer webinars complement the Project Grant: Spring 2018 Applicant Learning Module on the Learning for Applicants web page. Together, the module and webinars will give applicants an insightful understanding of the recent changes to the Project Grant competition and the application submission process.

The webinars will be held between January 26th and February 28th. The complete list of available sessions is now available on CIHR’s website.

DEADLINES – 2018 Spring CIHR Project Grant Competition
February 6, 2018 Submission of Registration (ResearchNet)*
February 27, 2018

by/before 5:00PM

1)    Provide complete copy of Application (1 PDF) for institutional approval – drafts are acceptable – to:

·       Western applications:

·       Lawson applications:

2)    Submission of ROLA Proposal (Lawson applications: Request for Institutional Approval Form)

March 6, 2018

by/before 2:00PM

Submission of Application (ResearchNet)*

* Note: When you submit your Registration in ResearchNet, it will be sent directly to CIHR. When you submit your Application in ResearchNet, it will be routed through Research Development & Services for review and final submission to CIHR.

Please see attachment for  additional information.

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