Integrating Sex and Gender into Research Proposals

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) expects applicants to integrate sex and gender into their research proposals whenever appropriate. Since 2010, all CIHR applicants have been required to indicate whether sex and/or gender are relevant to their proposed studies and to provide justification either way.

Starting with the Spring 2018 Project Grant competition, reviewers are now being asked to comment specifically on whether the integration of sex and gender is a strength, a weakness, or not applicable to the applications they assess.

To this end, CIHR has added a new text box in ResearchNet for peer reviewers to comment on the quality of sex and gender integration.

New Video: To help reviewers assess the integration of sex and gender in research proposals, the Institute of Gender & Health has developed a video outlining some key considerations:

More Resources: CIHR has created a new section of the website with resources aimed to assist researchers in integrating sex and gender into their studies and research proposals. Click here.

These efforts are part of CIHR’s sex- and gender-based analysis action plan. Learn more here. 

 photo credit: billydorichards Outcrop via photopin (license)

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Kueneman, Karen
Staff, 2015 Fall
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