Law Foundation of Ontario, Investor Rights- Call for Applications

The Law Foundation of Ontario has issued a call for applications to its national Access to Justice Fund in the area of investor rights, in particular their legal rights. This initiative provides a unique and exciting opportunity to advance the protection of investor rights. University researchers are eligible to apply.

Amount: Research and project grants – up to $100,000

Faculty Research Office: At least 5 days before Agency Deadline (at least 1-2 weeks before deadline for feedback on your application)
Research Services: At least 5 days before Agency Deadline (with ROLA)
Law Foundation of Ontario: July 15, 2019

Description: The Investor Rights 2019 welcomes applications for:

a. Research: Qualitative and/or empirical research for the study of investor rights, including research into the protection for investor rights in the Canadian capital markets. Research could include an analysis of:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of current regulatory regimes
  • Investors’ abilities to exercise the current rights and remedies available to them
  • Current legal information, legal services, and dispute resolution mechanisms

b. Projects:Innovative projects in the area of investor rights. The projects could be:

  • In the areas of legal information and education or pro bono services
  • To strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit organizations to protect the legal rights of investors

More information and applications…
Applications are to be  accompanied by a completed ROLA.

Please contact Karen Kueneman if you intend to apply.

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