Tri-Council (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC) Support for Grant Holders – Students, Trainees and Research Support Personnel

To lessen the impact due to COVID-19 on students, trainees and research support personnel funded through research grants, SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC will provide additional funding to eligible grant recipients. This additional funding to support trainees (students, postdoctoral researchers) and research support personnel paid through grants recognizes the need to continue supporting their salaries and stipends. 

This applies to the following SSHRC programs:

  • Aid to Scholarly Journals
  • Connection Grants
  • Insight Grants
  • Insight Development Grants
  • Knowledge Synthesis Grants
  • Partnership Grants
  • Partnership Engage Grants
  • Partnership Development Grants


  • Grant holders will be contacted in the coming weeks by the granting agency. The funding will be provided before September 30, 2020. The value of the supplement will be commensurate with the average level of support provided to trainees and research support personnel for the agency over a three-month period. Institutions are strongly encouraged to continue to pay trainees and research support personnel paid from these grants during the crisis.
  • Grant holders will be required to attest that there were indeed interruptions to the work of trainees and research support personnel caused by COVID-19, and that the additional funding will be used to support them. Additionally, the trainees and research support personnel supported by the supplement will need to ensure they are not benefiting from compensation under the Canada Emergency Student Benefit or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. They also cannot be benefitting from other income supports related to COVID-19, including the extensions of tri-agency scholarships and fellowships.
  • Grant holders who did not pay salaries or stipends from a grant will not be eligible for the supplement. 
  • Eligible grants are those that were active on April 1, 2020, and that were not already in a time extension period.

See the full announcement and FAQs

photo credit: CarlH_ Seedhead via photopin (license)

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