Workshops for Undergraduate Students Working on Research Projects in Summer 2021

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For those of you who have undergraduate students working with you on research projects this summer:

Western Research is running a number of Professional Development (PD) workshops for undergraduate students. See the list available at

Although the workshops are designed for Undergraduate Summer Research Internship (USRI) students (the expectation is that USRI students will participate in four PD workshops over the summer) the workshops are open to any undergraduate students engaged in research over the summer. If you have a Summer RA of any sort, or are supervising a USRI or WSSI student, please draw these workshops to their attention and perhaps discuss with them which workshop(s), if any, might be appropriate for them and for their projects.

If you have suggestions for additional specific workshops that you would like to see offered please contact your ADR and they will pass those suggestions along to Natalie Wu at Western Research. 

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