Knowledge Mobilization via The Conversation Canada

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz 🇨🇭 💕Thanks for Likes from Pixabay

The Conversation Canada is a digital publication that brings together the expertise of academia and journalism, where all of the authors are from Canadian universities. The Conversation works with professional journalists to expose academic research to a wider audience, a model that serves as a “knowledge mobilization” vehicle for academics who want to raise their profiles and share their expertise across Canada and around the world.

The Conversation Canada’s authors are researchers and academics  who have expertise in the area they’re writing about.

The Conversation has a team of talented editors who help you, the researcher, shape your work so it can be enjoyed by a non-academic audience.

Western has seen many of our profs (and grad students) write articles for the Conversation.  If you are interested in writing for The Conversation you can either contact them directly or contact Western Research Communications for assistance.

More information on Western’s webpage…

One of the major benefits of writing for The Conversation is that articles are often picked up by other media outlets so this increases the exposure of your work.

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