Law Commission of Ontario – Call for Research Papers

Improving the Last Stages of Life: Call for Research Papers

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) is undertaking a project that reviews Ontario’s law and policy framework for providing care to persons who are approaching death and services for those who support them, including caregivers, family members, friends and health care providers. As part of the development of the discussion paper, the LCO will fund a number of research papers that will inform the development of options for reform.

Amount: $15,000 per paper – note that this may be is NOT subject to Western’s policy on Indirect Costs

Faculty of Law Research Office:
5 days before the agency deadline (If you wish to have feedback on your application send to Karen Kueneman allowing at least one week.)
Research Development & Services:
At least 5 days before the agency deadline.
Law Commission of Ontario: January 22, 2016

Description: The LCO will fund a number of research papers to be determined after considering all of the proposals received. They have identified ten potential research paper topics but will also consider proposals on other topics that would make a demonstrable contribution to the understanding of the issues identified in the description of the project (more detail on these topics is available in the call for papers):

  1. Integrating religious and cultural supports into quality care in the last stages of life: theoretical foundations and practicable models for Ontario’s health care system.
  2. A rights-based perspective on the delivery of medical aid in dying in Ontario care settings.
  3. Balancing the interests of patients, substitute decision-makers, family and health care providers in decision-making over the withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment.
  4. Policies and procedures to facilitate alternative dispute resolution for end-of-life decision-making, including preventative approaches.
  5. Understanding the lived experience of individuals, caregivers and family members with Ontario’s system for care in the last stages of life and possibilities for enhanced advocacy supports.
  6. Managing transitions within and between care settings for individuals, caregivers, family members and health care providers.
  7. Challenges and opportunities associated with integrating a palliative approach into services and supports for frail older adults, and persons with chronic and degenerative conditions from the early stages.
  8. Informed consent, advance care planning and substitute decision-making: using practice tools to ensure meaningful decision-making in the last stages of life.
  9. Challenges for personal support workers in delivering quality care in the last stages of life: understanding their roles, education, training and employment.
  10. Addressing law and policy barriers to the provision of appropriate medications for persons living in the community.

Eligibility:  A Principal Investigator (PI) must be eligible to hold a research account at Western.

NOTE: There is a very short turn-around on these projects. Final papers must be submitted to the LCO by June 15, 2016

Applications and more information… Full Applications are to be processed through Research Western  and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA. Karen Kueneman will assist with the ROLA.

Please contact Karen Kueneman, Research Officer if you plan to apply.

 photo credit: NYC_Nov08_2580 via photopin (license)

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