Ontario Arts Council Grants

The Ontario Arts Council supports artists working in a variety of styles and genres of music. Faculty of Music professors may be eligible to apply for funding.

Eligibility:  In general, to apply you must be:
• An artist (see below)
• A Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• Living in Ontario a minimum of 8 months of the year

What Is Meant By “Artist”?
For OAC to recognize someone as an artist, he/she must:
1. Be recognized as a professional, practicing artist by other artists working in the same field. This means that he/she is actively making art, not just thinking about it. He/she has shown his/her work in public. Other artists doing similar work see him/her as a peer.
2. Have completed basic training (formal or informal) in his/her field(s). He/she has finished school (or workshops, courses, mentorship, etc.) in his/her field, or he/she is self-taught, and is now practicing his/her art or craft for the long term.
3. Have spent a significant amount of time practicing his/her art. He/she has experience as an artist. Experience can mean lots of things. For example, he/she has been painting for a few years, or has spent several years studying dance or composing music. If he/she can talk about his/her practice, his/her art and his/her personal approach, he/she is probably an experienced artist.
4. Seek payment for his/her work. Does he/she sell his/her work? Does he/she charge admission to see his/her work? Does he/she receive compensation for his/her work? He/she doesn’t have to be making a living solely from his/her art, but he/she seeks an income from it. 


NOTE: In general, the University is not eligible to apply for grants from the Ontario Arts Council.  You will apply as an individual and the grant will count as income for personal income tax purposes.

Upcoming deadlines:

Ontario Touring– Feb 17, 2016

National and International Touring – Feb 17, 2016


Choirs & Singing Groups February 17, 2016
Choral Organizations February 17, 2016
Classical Music Recording October 4, 2016
Music Commissioning October 4, 2016
Opera February 2, 2016
Opera Projects February 2, 2016
Orchestras March 15, 2016
Orchestras Projects March 15, 2016
Popular Music December 6, 2016 (new deadline date)
June 15, 2016
Presenter/Producer April 1, 2016
November 1, 2016
Presenter/Producer Projects April 1, 2016
November 1, 2016

 photo credit: JAPONIAISERIE via photopin (license)

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