Western Strategic Support for CIHR Success

Program  Overview: Jointly funded by the Office of the Vice-President (Research) and the researcher’s Faculty, the Western Strategic Support (WSS) for CIHR Success program offers three funding opportunities identified as Seed, Bridge and Accelerator grants. These grants are targeted at researchers who are not currently holding external CIHR funding or are preparing to submit to a larger CIHR grant. The intent of these grants is to offer critical, one-time funding to support an individual investigator’s research activities for the subsequent development of strong, competitive submissions to external, peer-reviewed research sponsors.

  • The WSS-CIHR Seed Research Grant is targeted to eligible early career researchers, who are within three years of the start date of their first eligible academic research appointment at Western (typically a probationary appointment) and who typically have little prior academic or non-academic independent research experience as a Principal Investigator. (Maximum value $25,000 for one year)
  • The WSS-CIHR Bridge Research Grant is targeted to established researchers who have been recently funded by CIHR; however, no longer hold a CIHR grant. Within one year prior to this application deadline, researchers must have unsuccessfully applied to an external CIHR competition. (Maximum value $25,000 for one year)
  • The WSS-CIHR Accelerator Research Grant is targeted to mid-career and senior researchers currently holding CIHR Operating grants. The purpose of this funding is to accelerate the initial stages of the research program by leveraging the existing external CIHR support and allowing researchers to “make the leap” to higher CIHR grant values. (Maximum value $50,000 for one year)

Faculty Research Office:  1 week prior to agency deadline (2-3 weeks if you wish feedback on your application – submit to Karen Kueneman)
RDS Deadline:   December 1st, 2016
Presentations by Researchers to Review Committee: January 2017
Results available by:  January 2017

NOTE: Matching funds are required for this program. Please contact your Associate Dean Research, Assistant Dean Research or Director of Research well in advance of the deadline to secure matching funds.

More information and applications…

Contact: For more information, or questions relating to the Western Strategic Support for CIHR success please contact:  Ryan Salewski (ryan.salewski@uwo.ca  or x86801)

 photo credit: Old houses via photopin (license)

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