Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence (ORF-RE) Round 9

The Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (MRIS) has officially launched Round 9 of the Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence (ORF-RE) program. ORF-RE provides research institutions with funding to help support the operational costs of large-scale transformative research of strategic value to the province.

ORF-RE Round 9 has three application streams:

General – open to all disciplines;
Disruptive Technologies focused on Clean Technologies; and
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Amount:  The ORF-RE covers only 1/3 of the total value of a project with the remaining 2/3 from a combination of private sector and institutional (Western) contributions.

General stream: $1 million minimum to $4 million maximum
Clean technologies: $1 million minimum to $4 million maximum
Social sciences, arts and humanities: $200,000 minimum to $1 million maximum

Research Development (NOI): April 26
Notice of Intent (NOI): May 2, 2017
Full applications:  September 25, 2017

Each NOI and application form can be submitted to one stream only.

Program information can be found on the MRIS website; NOI and application forms will be available by the end of March 2017. Full program guidelines are not yet posted online but have been provided to Research Development & Services by MRIS and are available on request.

Further details on Western’s process, timelines, and program information sessions for this round will be forthcoming. For questions regarding the ORF-RE program, or to request a copy of the program guidelines, please contact Antoinette Martin.

 photo credit: Luciano 95 Callophrys rubi via photopin (license)

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