Human Ethics Updates

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On January 29, the Office of Human Research Ethics released new application forms in WREM (Western Research Ethics Management system). These should provide clarity in questions and better provide the REBs with the information needed.

Please ensure that your Project Owner is up to date in WREM and this person is available as they will have to update the form by clicking the red/pink “update” bar (found at the top of the screen within each file) before any action can be taken (e.g., update an application, start a new application, submit an application, etc.).

When you log in to WREM, you will notice the following message in the Work Area at the top of the screen: “Warning: The project owner must update your project in order to submit this form.”

The message appears only when there has been an update to the application form(s). The form owner will need to accept the update prior to a) submitting an application form and/or b) completing an application you have been working on when the message appeared.

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