SSHRC – Aid to Scholarly Journals Competition 2021

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The Aid to Scholarly Journals application is now available.

Amount: Up to $30,000 per year (base grant); Up to $5,000 per year (supplementary funding)

Faculty Research Office: 1 week prior to SSHRC deadline. (If you wish to have feedback on your application allow at least one week – contact Karen Kueneman)
Western Research: 1 week prior to SSHRC deadline
SSHRC:    September 10, 2021

Description: Aid to Scholarly Journals grants support Canadian scholarly dissemination by offering a contribution to enable journals to explore innovative activities as well as to help them to defray the costs associated with publishing scholarly articles, digital publishing and journal distribution on Canadian not-for-profit platforms.

Eligibility: Applicants must hold an eligible academic research appointment at Western. The applicant must be the editor-in-chief of the journal or, in the case of an editorial collective, one of the editors. The applicant must be a faculty member of an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution.

To be eligible for support, a journal must:

  • meet the definition of a scholarly journal (see Definitions);
  • offer either immediate open access upon publication or delayed open access with a 12-month maximum embargo period;
  • submit each article (see Definitions) to be published to a rigorous, independent peer review process;
  • have been founded at least two years prior to the application deadline and have published, within that timeframe, a minimum of two issues per year, each having at least three peer-reviewed articles or, for electronic journals not publishing in issue format, at least six peer-reviewed articles per year over the two-year timeframe;
  • publish primarily in English and/or French; and
  • meet at least one of the two following criteria:
    1. a minimum of one third of the core editorial board is affiliated with an eligible Canadian postsecondary institution; and/or
    2. the journal title is owned by a Canadian not-for-profit organization.

More Information and applications… Full Applications are to be processed through Western Research and must be accompanied by a completed ROLA.

Informational webinars will be held on the following dates:

Aid to Scholarly Journals (English)August 16, 20211:30-3:00 (Eastern time)
Aide aux revues savantes (français)Le 12 août, 202110h-11h30 (heure de l’est)

Please contact Karen Kueneman if you intend to apply.

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