Research Data Management at Western

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Broadly defined, research data management (RDM) refers to the activities carried out by researchers as they collect, organize, process, and preserve data collected as a part of the process of conducting research. It covers activities such as making plans before starting data collection, organizing, documenting and backing up data during a research project, and preserving, archiving and sharing data after the research project is completed. Good research data management means collecting, documenting, backing up and preserving data in a way that facilitates reproducible research, data security, and long-term usability of data.

  • More information on Tri-Council Policy on Research Data Management
    Upcoming funding opportunities that will ask for RDM plans in 2023: One of the policy requirements is that applicants to certain funding opportunities will need to submit data management plans (DMPs) with their applications. The following are the initial funding opportunities that will require applicants to submit DMPs:
    • CIHR
      • Network Grants in Skin Health and Muscular Dystrophy (Anticipated launch fall 2022 or early winter 2023)
      • Virtual Care/Digital Health Team Grants (Anticipated launch fall 2022 or early winter 2023)
      • Data Science for Equity (Anticipated launch fall 2022 or early winter 2023)
    • NSERC
      • Subatomic Physics Discovery Grants – Individual and Project (Anticipated launch summer 2023)
    • SSHRC
      • Partnership Grants Stage 2 (Anticipated launch summer 2023)
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