Canadian Foundation for Legal Research – Research Grants – 2024 Competition

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The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research enhances and contributes to Canada’s legal community by funding and promoting research about the law, legal science and justice reform. Their grants support research on topics of interest to Canadian legal professionals and others directly connected to the justice system. This includes research related to criminal law, evidence and procedure, contract law, family law, Torts and the administration of justice, among many others.

Description: The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research (CFLR) provides funds for legal research falling into three broad categories:

  • Research and writing where the emphasis is on the statement of existing rules of law, which is often called doctrinal research;
  • Research with regard to the workings of the legal system; and
  • Research with regard to developments in fields peripheral to legal doctrine, such as criminology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology and economics, and their relationship to rules of law.

Over the past two years, the Foundation has indicated to applicants that it is particularly interested in practical legal research and analysis concerning access to justice issues, Indigenous legal issues and family law.

Faculty of Law Research Office: 1 week before the agency deadline (2-3 weeks before if you wish to have feedback on your application – send to Karen Kueneman)
Western Research:
February 21, 2024, 10:00 am
Canadian Foundation for Legal Research: February 29, 2024

Amount:  up to $15,000

Eligibility: A Principal Investigator (PI) must be eligible to hold a research account at Western.

Online Application form (2024), more information… Full Applications are to be processed through Western Research and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA. Karen Kueneman will assist with the ROLA.

Please contact Karen Kueneman, Research Officer if you plan to apply.

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