Lumivero Early Career Research Grant

Image by Sabine Kroschel from Pixabay

Lumivero has announced that they will award funding to an early career researcher with a research project that uses NVivo, Citavi, or XLSTAT, shows promise and a contribution to knowledge, and a commitment to their 2024 theme: Research Excellence that Impacts Our World.

Amount: $20,000 USD over 2 years

Faculty Research Office: 1 week prior to agency deadline. (If you wish to have feedback on your application allow at least 2-3 weeks – contact your ADR)
Western Research: at least 1 week prior to agency deadline
Lumivero: July 31, 2024

Description: Proposals should demonstrate a commitment to improving the world through research excellence, and be innovative in any of the following – the subject of research, the research design, the data collection method, the analysis process or the output.

Eligibility: Applicants must hold an eligible academic research appointment at Western. To be eligible to apply, you must have: 

  • Been awarded your doctorate from 2016 up to and including 2023; 
  • An academic appointment at an institution of higher education; 
  • A proposal for a qualitative, statistical, or mixed method research project; 
  • The support of your university’s grants administration; and, 
  • Involvement of Citavi, NVivo and NVivo Transcription, NVivo Collaboration, or XLSTAT for at least part of the data analysis in your research.

More Information and link to Applications: Full Applications are to be processed through Western Research and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA.

Questions: Contact Kristiana Graves Floss –

Please contact your ADR if you intend to apply.

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