Horizon Europe Calls – Guidance for Identifying Partners

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Guidance on identifying potential partners for Horizon Europe from the Counsellor (Science, Technology, and Innovation), Mission of Canada to the European Union:

For partner searches see available options below.  Another way can be to check out CORDIS and see what past related projects were funded, to potentially identify good EU entities to partner with.  Lastly, an option can be to reach out to related EU NCPs of a target country partner to see if there are those within your networks that are actively seeking to cooperate with Canadians.

Partner Search.

  1. See EURAXESS Partnering PortalEURAXESS North America, an official initiative of the European Commission,  promotes transatlantic research collaboration. Search the EURAXESS partnering portal to find institutions to build a consortium. Also register your institution within EURAXESS so that you can be found as potential partner. You have to create an account as a user to then register your organization. Canadians can go their homepage for the latest information on Horizon Europe Pillars I & II, as well as upcoming events, news, and funding information. You can also sign up for EURAXESS newsletters to learn of upcoming events of interest, including European Commission hosted brokerage (networking) events. When there is a need you can also connect with Europe-based NCPs through EURAXESS: northamerica@euraxess.net.
  2. See the EEN Partnerships Database to search for partners as it is the world’s largest network for SMEs and innovation stakeholders.
  3. See Horizon Europe’s EC Funding & Tender Opportunities SEDIA Partner Search tool to find partners for your project ideas among the organizations registered in the portal. Within SEDIA you can also: enter a keyword or a topic of a past call for proposals to find related organizations, search by geographical criteria or by types of organization and/or search by call topics to find organizations that have participated or expressed interest in participating in the future.

Past Projects. CORDIS is the primary source of results from EU-funded projects. Use it to find participating organizations in past projects. Browse through their database to find past projects in your field of interest and check which institutions participated in them. Use the filters to refine your search.

National Contact Points (NCPs) are experts in their fields who can guide and support innovators through the process, including finding the right partners and project calls to pursue, to increase their chances of success. They are the subject matter experts in their field and should have a strong awareness of domestic and international expertise in their cluster. Canada’s NCPs have recently been named and are learning themselves about the Horizon Europe programme.  Canadians are encouraged to work with both Canada’s NCPs and an EU NCP that supports one of their key consortia partner, to effectively understand and complete a proposal for a project call. See link for Canada’s NCPs and link for all NCPs.

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