Knowledge Mobilization



Open Access (OA) is a principle by which scholarly content is made available online free of charge and with minimal copyright and licensing restriction.

What is Knowledge Mobilization?
SSHRC‘s definition:  “The reciprocal and complementary flow and uptake of research knowledge between researchers, knowledge brokers and knowledge users—both within and beyond academia—in such a way that may benefit users and create positive impacts within Canada and/or internationally, and, ultimately, has the potential to enhance the profile, reach and impact of social sciences and humanities research. Knowledge mobilization initiatives must address at least one of the following, as appropriate, depending on research area and project objectives, context, and target audience:

Within academia:

  • informs, advances and/or improves:
    • research agendas;
    • theory; and/or
    • methods.

Beyond academia:

  • informs:
    • public debate;
    • policies; and/or
    • practice;
  • enhances/improves services; and/or
  • informs the decisions and/or processes of people in business, government, the media, practitioner communities and civil society.”


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