Canada Council for the Arts – Killam Prizes 2020

The Killam Prizes (distinct from the Killam Fellowships) are among Canada’s most prestigious and distinguished research awards. Five unrestricted, non-taxable prizes of $100,000 are awarded annually to provide support to Canadian scholars of exceptional ability who are actively engaged in research of broad significance and widespread interest. One prize is awarded in each of the following fields: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, and engineering. Nominations are to be made by an expert in the nominee’s field.

Nomination Process: A completed nomination package will consist of the following:

  • the online nomination form
  • copy of proof of Canadian citizenship (e.g.,
    passport photocopy);
  • original, signed nomination letter;
  • two-page description of the nature of the nominee’s
    research and distinguished contributions, including why s/he should be
  • one-page biography of the nominee, summarizing
    education, distinguished research achievements, current research interests, and
    honours and awards;
  • nominee’s CV
  • up to three letters of reference

Deadline: June 15, 2019   –  nominations must be sent to the Canada Council by this date

are encouraged to consult with Julaine Hall ( at
Research Development & Services regarding the program and application

Further information can be found at

photo credit: Peter Drach (aka PeteDragomir) engine of a clock via photopin (license)

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