Update: Legal Signatory & Processes for Research Grants & Contracts


Institution Legal Name: The University of Western Ontario
Authorized Signatory:  Mark Daley, Associate Vice-President (Research) (Interim)
Address:  1393 Western Road, SSB 5150, London ON N6G 1G9
Telephone: 519-661-2161
Fax: 519-661-3907
Email Address: rwrgo@uwo.ca

RD&S Office Contact for Grant Signatures and Approvals:Please communicate early with Research Development & Services with queries on grant signatures, submission and processes through researchoffice@uwo.ca. Adding relevant detail to your Subject Line – including Researcher (Applicant) Name, Sponsor Name and Sponsor Deadline – will enable RD&S to respond to your query and assist on a timely basis.

Timing: RD&S requires minimum 5 business days to review grant applications before finalizing for institution signatures (unless otherwise specified for large or strategic programs). At that time, the ROLA Proposal is to be submitted by the Principal Applicant, and a copy of the grant application (even if still in draft form), in PDF format, forwarded to researchoffice@uwo.ca, for review.

In addition, where applications are submitted through Sponsor systems with Institution approval as the final submission stage, a 2:00 pm submission time on deadline date is in effect (regardless of the final submission time provided by the funding Sponsor).

When is ROLA needed? The ROLA Proposal is required for all research grant applications and contracts. Even if the funding Sponsor does not require Institution approval on a grant application, Western’s policies require that RD&S has received and approved all grant applications before submission to a funding Sponsor.

Whenever an Institution signature is required on a Letter of Intent, or other documentation, the ROLA Proposal is required. If unsure, this can be confirmed by forwarding the document or url link to RD&S at researchoffice@uwo.ca.

If the funding opportunity is not listed on ROLA at http://uwo.ca/research/rds/ROLA/ROLAFrameset.html, send the url link to your funding opportunity to RD&S to rolahelp@uwo.ca. The funding opportunity will be added to ROLA within 24 hours or less (possibly longer in peak times).

Assistance is provided for ROLA, during normal business hours, via email at rolahelp@uwo.ca or phone at x83136. It is recommended to call for assistance if you are not familiar with ROLA, or want guidance.

Research Account Activations: Queries on timing or status of research account activations should be sent to RD&S at rwrecords@uwo.ca. Delays in account activations do happen, but are caused mostly when RD&S has not received the notice of award, or there are outstanding requirements for Certifications (human ethics, animal use, or biohazards). RD&S can quickly advise as to any outstanding matters when contacted. If RD&S or the Certification office (human ethics, animal or biosafety) have contacted you for information, your timely response will expedite the account activation.

Faculty Research Officers: RD&S works closely with the Research Officers and research offices in the faculties. Early contact with those offices are recommended. Direct contact with RD&S is always welcome.

 photo credit: Miro Foundacion Mallorca 2008 (88) via photopin (license)

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