New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) – Exploration – Inaugural Competition for Early Career Researchers

The New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) will  support international, interdisciplinary, fast-breaking and high-risk research. It is comprised of three streams to support groundbreaking research:

  • Exploration will generate opportunities for Canada to build strength in high-risk, high-reward and interdisciplinary research;
  • Transformation will provide large-scale support for Canada to build strength and leadership in interdisciplinary and transformative research; and
  • International will enhance opportunities for Canadian researchers to participate in research with international partners.

Description: The objective of the inaugural Exploration competition is to generate opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) to conduct high-risk, high-reward and interdisciplinary research not available through funding opportunities currently offered by the three agencies (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR). It seeks to inspire highly innovative projects that defy current research paradigms, propose a unique scientific direction, bring disciplines together beyond the traditional disciplinary approaches, and/or use different perspectives to solve existing problems.

Notice of Intent to Apply: January 11, 2019, 8 p.m. (eastern)
Faculty Research Office: 5 days before the agency deadline (1-2 weeks before if you wish to have feedback on your application – send to Karen Kueneman)
Research Development & Services:
February 7, 2019, 2 pm (ROLA and draft proposal) NOTE DATE CHANGE
Full Application: February 14, 2019, by 2 p.m. (eastern) NOTE DATE CHANGE

NOTE: When submitted, your application will be routed to the research office, and will be forwarded to the sponsor by Western. Given the technical difficulties experienced by the portal during the NOI submission, it is strongly recommended that you start and submit the application early to avoid potential difficulties or delays.

Amount:  $125,000 per year for up to 2 years. NOTE, however, the maximum budget for the direct costs of the research project is $100,000 per year for up to two years. Applicants may also add up to 25% of the value of the direct costs of research to cover indirect costs, and include this in the total funding request.

Eligibility: For this competition, only early career researchers (ECR) may be the Nominated Principal Investigator. ECR is defined as individuals who have five years or less experience since their first academic appointment as of the NOI deadline, with the exception of career interruptions that occurred after their appointment. A Principal Investigator (PI) must be eligible to hold a research account at Western.

NOTES:  Co-applicants do not need to be ECRs.
Individuals can participate in only one application as a nominated principal investigator, co-principal investigator, or co-applicant in this competition. Furthermore, for future Exploration competitions, individuals cannot participate as a nominated principal investigator, co-principal investigator or co-applicant on a proposal if they are already a grantee or co-grantee of an Exploration award.

Subject matter: Projects must be high-risk and high-reward and may involve any disciplines, thematic areas, approaches or subject areas eligible for funding across the tri-agencies. Projects must be interdisciplinary. The nominated principal investigator and team members (if applicable) can be from any discipline, but the proposed research project must include elements from at least two different disciplines. Exploration grant projects must be innovative in nature and use unconventional approaches or ideas to achieve high-risk and high-reward interdisciplinary research.

Applications and more information…  Full Applications are to be processed through Research Western  and are to be accompanied by a completed ROLA. Karen Kueneman will assist with the ROLA. Applicants must complete both the NOI and application using the Convergence Portal, following the accompanying instructions.
Application instructions for FULL Application…

NEW DEADLINE: As a result of the high level of interest in the New Frontiers in Research Fund, the application deadline has been extended to Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 8pm EST.

Only those who have previously submitted a Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) are able to proceed to the full application phase which is live now on the Convergence Portal.

Research Western – Additional Information and Deadlines…

Please contact Karen Kueneman, Research Officer if you plan to apply.

 photo credit: Nicholas Erwin A little closer via photopin (license)

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