Western Academy 2022 Competition

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The Western Academy for Advanced Research‘s mission is to seek solutions to major issues facing humanity through a period of focused inquiry (up to one year) that combines the full spectrum of scholarship and experience at Western with that from around the world. The Western Academy facilitates the selection and funding of themes and core team members (Western Fellows, Visiting Western Fellows, Western Academy Postdoctoral Scholars) that address this mission. As one example of possible thematic ideas, visit the United Nations’ 2021 Sustainable Development Goals

As the Academy prepares to launch its next competition, they are inviting researchers to submit Letters-of-Intent (LOI) prior to the official call for proposals.

LOIs received before noon on December 22, 2021 will receive feedback from the Western Academy’s Steering Committee to help inform preparation of full applications during January 2022.

Inquiries can be directed to wafar@uwo.ca

Learn more about the 2022 Letter-of-Intent

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